Free Upgrade Policy

We’re the only erotic toys company in Second Life to offer Free Lifetime Upgrades on our products.

This means: If you bought a bed in 2009 made from normal prims with robot-like anims and poseballs, you will now have a poseball free mesh version with mocap animations.

The bed evolved over the years, but you’ve only paid once!



How do I receive Free Lifetime Upgrades?

After you have purchased one of our copyable products, you will be automatically added to our Newsletter, so you will be informed, when an upgrade is available.

Products with transfer/no copy permissions (like Gachas and Gift Cards) are excluded.

Caution! Only Newsletter members are eligible to Free Upgrades. If you unsubscribe, you will also be automatically deleted from the upgrade list.



How can you afford working for free?

The Free Upgrade Policy helps us to create a stable customer base in SL. People know they won’t buy double when they buy Smooching Serpents Products.

The Newsletter also helps us to promote our latest creations to a wide range within the kinky community of SL.

In this way we hope to sell lots of sexy toys, but never the same one twice. Enjoy!



Why do you use a Newsletter and not just an inworld group?

We started the newsletter system because many people don’t want to join inworld groups in order to save group slots.

The official Smooching Serpents inworld group is also open and free to join for everyone and comes in handy, if you need support, but no CSR is online.



I accidentally left your Newsletter. Can I re-subscribe?

Yes, of course that’s always possible. You will find the button SUBSCRIBE/UNSUBSCRIBE on the service screens at our main store entrance.